The amp is equipped with only one speaker output. Is there a possibility to plug in two 8ohm or 16ohm cabinets?

Yes, most of the speaker cabinets got two speaker outputs, which allows to connecting them. In practice it doesn't matter if the cabinets are connected together at the amps outputs, or at the cabinets inputs.

Can  amplifier be used with different voltage? (120V or 230V)

In all models at the back of the amp a power switch is mounted. It enables  voltage change between 120V and 230V. The amplifiers are factory set at 120V or 230V depending on which country they are shipped to.

Is the amplifier spill-resistant?

Like all electrical devices, it must be protected against spill. Generally, the Stomp-Head is not exposed to situations where we put a drink on it, like it often happens in case of traditional heads and combos. Simply there is no space for it. However, we predicted such a situation and we placed all the vents in such a way to protect the critical components of the amplifier against spill. Eg. if somebody would accidentally spilled a drink on the amplifier.

I've got 4 speaker cabinet. Can I plug it to the Stomp-Head?

Yes, you can plug to the amp a cabinet with any number and combination of speakers.

Do I need any  special cable to plug in Stomp-Head to the cabinet? 

You can use classic jack-jack cable for PA columns. There is no need to use cable with special bigger profile. 

Can I substitute  the 12AX7 tube as  I prefer particular tube brand?

We suggest not to. Optimal operating parameters of tubes 12AX7 are set during amp's manufacturing process. The characteristics of each tube in the amplifier is  individually tuned at MTD system (Master Tube Design), to achieve the best performance possible. It is not recommended to replace the tubes. Replacing working tubes with some other brand will not improve the sound. The 12Ax7 are already tuned to perform at maximum capability.  Only broken tubes should be replaced.The tubes in MTD technology works in perfectly designed environment which allows them to have very long life span. If not mechanically damaged there is no reason to change them for years

Can I control the amplifier functions using an external controller?

Yes, it's possible. To control CLEAN, CRUNCH and DRIVE you can use momentary (pulse) or bistable (on/off) switches. For BOOST you need to use bistable (on/off) switch.

What's going to happen if I unplug the cabinet while playing?

This situation isn't as dangerous as with most of traditional tube amps. Stomp Head can work without plugging the cabinet. In traditional amps situation like this can cause the breaking of amp's transformator. With Stomp Head there's no such a worry. 

Can I use the amplifier if the speaker is not plugged in?

Yes. Stomp-Head can be use as a preeamp as well. It can be done by Line Out which is equipped with a"Speaker Simulator" and allows you to send a signal to some other devices such as a power amp, mixer, tuner etc. The Line Out sends two different signals through the Stereo Output ( TIP - signal with "Speaker Simulator", RING - clean, original sound). Both can be used simultaneously or sent separately depending if STEREO or MONO jack is used.

Can I use the Stomp-Head as a power amplifier and connect another preamp to it?

Yes, simply plug a preamp into  RETURN FX-Loop of the amp.  Only MASTER and BOOST potentiometers will be active.

How loud is the Stomp-Head compared to full-tube amps?

The Stomp-Head is a tube amp and is exactly as loud as any tube amplifier. The dynamics and compression are also the same as in all full-tube amps. To achieve such a parameters  in Stomp-Heads , we use power amps with double wattige than its usable power. For example, the SH6 and SH7 amplifiers have a power of 200Watt  to match the classic 90Watt tube amplifiers. 

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