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Three separate channels give the freedom to move between classic clean or distorted  '70 like sounds and  heavy, saturated modern High-Gain.

Taurus Stomp Head SH5.CE tube guitar amplifier

Stomp-Head 5.CE

Classic in a compact shape.
A proposal for guitarists who prefer traditional, easy-to-use amplifiers with a sound comparable to the iconic tube giants.

Taurustomp Head SH6.CE Compact guitar amplifier

Stomp-Head 6.CE

A wide colour spectrum and unique character.
A tool for guitarists who prefer extended possibilities of creating their own guitar sound.

Taurus Stomp Head SH7.Apogee Custom Guitar amplifier

Stomp-Head 7.Apogee

Analog design, without any digital simulation, based on
Master Tube Design technology.

Foot Controller

Cabinet Simulator



Four in one:

Floor amp


Amplifiers dedicated to fit

into a pedalboard




The powerful sound of classic tube

amplifiers in compact shape.

Stomp Head  Stomphead




The powerful sound of classic tube

amplifiers in compact shape.




Amplifiers dedicated for fitting

into a pedalboard



Taurus Custom

Taurus Custom Shop
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Guitar enhancer

Guitar Drive

Overdrive / Drive /High Gain

 Guitar Engine

Classic Drive

Made in Poland

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Servo Guitar Enhancer
Classic Drive
Vintage Drive

Analog effects pedals




Taurus Stomp Head Floor Amp
Stomp Head
Tube guitar amp

5-footswitches to access for the following options:
Clean, Crunch, Drive, Boost, Reverb
Additional outputs for external controller.

Speaker cabinet simulator (IR-CAB simulation).
Accurate simulations of two types of speakers: Celestion Vintage-30 and Celestion Creamback  can be chosen.
The CAB-simulation is also equipped with microphone positioning adjustment.

The Stomp-Head can be use as a preamp connected directly to the mixer or sound system using LINE OUT which is equipted with built-in loudspeaker simulation.

The amp delivers enough power for any stage size.
Power-wise the STOMP-HEAD will fulfill all your expectations.

Taurus Stomp Head Compact Guitar Amplifier

Stomp Head tube guitar amplifier

Taurus SH 6.CE


Taurus SH5.CE



Taurus SH 7 Apogee