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Perfect control over the sound.

Taurus SERVO-ENHANCER is a professional tool to help you achieve great guitar sound. The device makes the sound very vivid and saturated while it does not interfere with the original guitar sound.The feeling is that you are playing on much higher quality instrument then it originally is.

Servo - Analog Guitar Enhancer


Servo Guitar enhancer
Guitar Drive

The sound of tube amplifiers in analog drive pedal.

The DRIVE has been designed so that its dynamics and response to the articulation of the sound is the same as in a classic tube amplifiers.
The effect is designed with choice of three distortion options:

Guitar DRIVE


Servo Guitar enhancer

Drive for enthusiasts of highly compressed sound with high distortion's saturation. Works very well with low-tuned seven-string guitars.Greatly fulfills its role in solo parts requiring a saturated, responsive guitar tone with long sustain, yet chunky and fat.

Guitar Engine - High Gain DRIVE


Guitar Engine High Gain drive
Taurus Custom Shop

Drive that will take you to the sound of rock bands from the 70's. It reflects the character of iconic tube amplifiers with warm, characteristically sounding overdrive. Moderate compression makes it very sensitive to articulation, giving great freedom to guitarists playing in the style of the 70's

Guitar Engine -Vintage DRIVE

Vintage Guitar Drive


Drive with the sound's characteristic of the classic iconic tube amplifiers with high sound dynamics. Drive which does not blur the sound of the instrument.
Very responsive to articulation. Works great with all types of pickups while maintaining their proper character.
It gives great impression of playing on a distorted classic tube amplifier.

Guitar Engine - Classic DRIVE


Guitar Engine Classic drive

Analog Effect Pedals made in Poland