FRFR 10 inch guitar cabinet


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Comparison of the sound FR210 speaker &TONEX line output.

Stomp Head 5 Taurus SH5

FRFR Active Speaker Cabinet.

FRFR 10" guitar cabinet


  • Power output: 200W RMS

  • Speaker: 10" full-range

  • Frequency response: 60Hz - 20kHz

  • Input impedance: 22kohm

  • BLUETOOTH module (FR-210BT version)
    Allows you to wirelessly play music files from your phone, etc.



    PRESENCE: Correction of the high frequency bandwidth characteristic for the guitar band.
    RESONANCE: Correction of the low frequency band level simulating the change of the cabinet's capacity.

    Equalization info:

  • RESONANCE: 120Hz +/- 10dB

  • PRESENCE: 6kHz +/- 10dB

  • Dimensions: (H x W x D):  250 x 355 x 400 mm 

  • Weight: 8kg

460EUR (FR-210BT)

FR-210  Active Guitar Speaker Cabinet


 The FR-210 powered speaker is designed for guitarists using digital modelling units or digital cabinet simulators et`c. FR-210 is a wide band comact monitor for live applications.


The amplifier is equipped with a specially designed tone correction enabling flexible changes in acoustic parameters of the cabinet.
While  playing live, it is very easy to correct the sound according to the conditions created by the stage or rehearsal room, without the need to interfere with the sound profile settings.

The guitarist has to its disposal two pots, PRESENCE and RESONANCE .  
The RESONANCE  level adjustment simulates changes in the capacity of the loudspeaker’s cabinet which makes an impression of switching from a small combo  up to a large cabinet. Thus, with one movement of the RESONANCE knob, is very easily adapt to existing acoustic conditions on stage or rehearsal room.

The FR-210 is equipped with two inputs to connect a mono or stereo signal. Also  entire monitors signal from  mixer's line out  can be send straight to the FR0210  Thus the guitarist beside of his own guitar's sound will also hear entire band's monitors mix. This is very important and very useful feature which allows very quick and precise adjustment of personal monitor mix on stage.


The FR-210BT version is equipped with a bluetooth module that allows you to wirelessly play music files from your phone, etc. The signal from the guitar and the background music can be mixed together. This gives you additional ability to play with background music.

Additionally the FR-210 can also be a perfect solutions for guitarists using an acoustic guitars as a full range stage monitor




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