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SH8.Clean - Transparent and Clean Guitar Amplifier

Four in one:

Analog amplifier made in Master Tube Design technology.

The amplifier is equipped with a 2-way power output selector.

It allows you to use speaker cabinets of any size, power and impedance. 

The following power options are available: 

25W and 50Wat  

The amplifier automatically adjusts its
operating parameters and can serve 4, 8 and 16 Ohm cabinets.

If you want to record your guitar or use the amplifier as a pre-amp without a cabinet then you
have a special tool on board, an advanced loudspeaker simulator.

Signal from Line-out can be lead
in different ways:
with simulation, without simulation or both.

The amplifier is equipped with a unique feature that allows to connect both a guitar cabinet and
a full-range PA or Hi-Fi cabinet. 

By using a full-range column, you will get a sound with Celestion Creamback speaker simulation.


Celestion Creamback speaker simulation is also used on the line output.

When using the line
output, you can use it in different ways: using a signal with simulation, without simulation, or mix both signals together.

3-footswitches to access for the following options:


Reverb, Mute Boost.

Custom Guitar amplifier
Guitar preamp
Floor amplifier

Foot Controller

Reverb, Mute, Boost.

Cabinet Simulator

Allows you to connect a guitar speaker or full range PA cabinet.


You can use Stomp-Head as a preamp without connection to cabinet..


Master Tube Design technology. 130W power section with 50W and 25W real power selector.

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floor amplifier


•    Power stage efficiency: 130Watt
•    Power output selector: 50W, 25W
•    Speakers impedance auto detection: 4,8 and 16ohm
•    1 channel: CLEAN
•    3- footswitches: REVERB, MUTE and BOOST
•    MASSIVE – sound saturation

•    COMPRESS – allows you to get clean compressed sound
•    SPEAKER CABINET SELECTOR:  guitar cabinet / full range cabinet

•    BOOST increases output signal level
•    Serial EFFECT LOOP
•    LINE-OUT with Speaker Simulation. Allows send linear signal with simulation (PIN) or without simulation (RING) or both simultaneously
•    Main power suplply range: 90-240V
•    Housing dimensions: (H x W x D) 60 x 185 x 175 mm
•    Overall dimensions: (H x W x D) 78 x 185 x 175 mm
•    Weight: 1,35kg    



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Stomp-Head SH8.Clean

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Ultralight 130W analog guitar amp.


The SH8.Clean was designed for guitarists who prefer a transparent amplifier that faithfully reproduces the sound of the instrument.
It is an amplifier that does not impose its own character, it can be used in any musical style using your own ideas for shaping the sound using any effects and sound processors.
The amplifier has only the necessary options that allow you to create your own sound. Perfectly reflects the character of clean tube guitar amplifiers.


The amplifier is equipped with a unique feature that allows to connect both a guitar cabinet and a passive full-range PA or Hi-Fi cabinet to the SPEAKER-OUT.. The analog module with the SPEAKER CABINET SELECTOR switch is used for this purpose.


SH-8.Clean can be used in various configurations:

- as a classic amplifier. There are 2 power levels to choose from:
25W and 50W.
- as a preamp connected directly to the mixer and PA system using the built-in speaker cabinet simulation.
The amplifier can be used without connecting a speaker. If a speaker cabinet is not connected, the power stage of the amp is not active.




Stomp-Head SH8.Clean  is a fully analog design devoid of digital simulation.
The amplifier is extremely easy to use and contains everything that is necessary in the guitarist's workshop.
If you are looking for amplifiers with very small dimensions and weight, and at the same time you care about the excellent sound characteristic of tube amplifiers, the SH8.Clean will be the perfect choice.

Amplifier power matter. Like all Stomp-Head designs of the Taurus, the power amplifier has twice as much power reserve than is actually used. This is to prevent the power stage from over-driving and to obtain the right dynamics (headroom) when playing at its full power. Thanks to this, the amp always plays with the same power at different speaker impedance: 4.8 and 16ohm.
In the case of SH8, the efficiency of the power stage is 130W and its real volume is the same as in the case of a 50W traditional tube amplifier.



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