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My name is Adam and I am the owner and designer of Taurus Amplification.  I have over 35 years of experience in designing  guitar and bass amplifiers, effects, cabinets and other pro electronic equipment dedicated for musicians and stages. 
I am also a guitar player therefore guitar amplifiers have always been closest to my heart and my biggest passion.

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Stomp-Head, my idea.

It was one of the main resones why in 2009 I started to work on completly a new concept of the amplifier, different in shape, size and technology from already existing amps. That's how Stomp-Head was created. An amplifier that contains all the attributes of  head amplifiers and foot controlls all in one package. Everything what’s needed to create great sound and comfort on the stage has been placed in one integrated housing. The amp gives a guitarist three choices to setup on stage: it can be installed in the pedalboard, in regular fassion set up on the top of speaker cabinet or simply set  on the floor.

What did I mean and what was it supposed to give in practical terms?


There are different conditions on stage. Usually we are using the guitar speaker cabinet as a source of sound and as an additional monitor but sometimes the size of the stage or other circumstances does not allow it so we have to use a LINE OUT from amp connected streit to PA and rely on sound from stage monitors only.
So I decided that Stomp-Head must work in two modes. As a classic amplifier and as a preamp with speaker simulation so that we could connect the amp directly to the PA system.
The second thing which I decided to implement into the amp is the integrated switches of all important functions:  channel switching  and activating BOOST.


I have always been in favour of using specially designed amp channels  such as  CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD. In my opinion, this option works best in contrast to the use of a different external DRIVE effects.  Usually they cut dynamics and sounds completely different in combination with various types and brands of amplifiers. 
With all this options on board I needed just a little bit more to be entirely  satisfied. At this point it was enough to connect Reverb and Dealay or some other modulation effect  to it  and actually my full guitar rig was ready to play .

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designed and put onto market over the last 11 years.

Taurus Custom website is mainly dedicated  to Somp-Head amplifiers,
which I have been working on since 2009.
In 2011 I designed my first compact shape Stomp Head amplifier.

Some of Taurus’s amps created within past 35 years. 

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My first set consisted  Reverb and Delay connected trough the effects loop  with Stomp Head. All it fit into a tiny pedalboard to which I needed to connect two wires only: to speaker cabinet and guitar. It took me just a few minutes only to set up or dismantle whole guitar rig.
An additional advantage is that the amplifier and effects lie on the stage in front of me so I can see all the knobs from above and can make adjustments very easily at any time.


In the past, when I was using a classic head type amp, to complete the setup I had to connect four foot-switch pedals (CLEAN, CRUNCH, LEAD and BOOST) to it. It was also accompanied by a set of effects,  which needed a few meters of wire to connect the effects with the amp. Some were connected into the effects loop and some to the amplifiers input. This added quite a few meters of wiring which weighed a few kilograms.


Now I have the same set of switches on the top of my amplifier without any cables. All I need to connect are effects  with just a few inches of  wire. That's it. The mess and heavy wiring  is eliminated.



The concept is one thing. But first and foremost, I was looking for a great sound which, as a rule in the mind of guitarists, was reserved for traditional tube amplifiers only.

This topic was my  biggest obstacle. I knew what guitarists expected. And I knew how big a challenge I was facing in order to get the same sonic properties on a very compact sized amplifier which I wanted to build. I had some solutions worked out well beforehand, but it took me several years of research to get to the point where the Stomp-Head could face classic tube amp designs.

I developed my own technology called Master Tube Design. The concept is based on a tube working between the pre-amp and power amplifier sections. It is accompanied by a number of optical elements that shape the dynamics and compression characteristics for tube designs. I am an advocate of analog designs so Stomp-Head amplifiers are entirely made in such a technology.

I leave it to the musicians who tried or already own one of my amps to assess how good they sounds and  if I achieved what guitarists expect from a great tube guitar amplifier.

 I know one thing: many of the guitarists whom switched from classic amplifiers to Stomp-Heads are already attached to them for good.

Adam Kozakiewicz.

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