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Guitar Amplifier in your pedalboard

What are the benefits of pedalboard guitar amplifiers?


1.  Fewer items to move and connect.


2.  Set up is extremely easy and takes just seconds. All you need to do is connect the speaker cabinet, plug the power cord into the pedalboard, and hook up your guitar. Three external wires – that’s all.


3.  Much less humming and interference noises due to very short connections.


4.  All the controllers to adjust the sound are set in one place, on your pedalboard.


5.  The sound of your guitar can be precisely set at the exact spot on stage where you play.


6.  Stomp-Head offers a whole range of on-board sounds as a CLEAN, CRUNCH, DRIVE and BOOST function. This eliminates the need for these extra effects on your pedalboard, and creates more space for your other stomp boxes.


7.  The STOMP-HEAD solves your problem of transporting the gear.   The amp‘s compact size and light weight make it the choice to travel with.


The ideal solution for building a complex pedalboard in a single case.
An amplifier-equipped pedalboard provides a complete ready-to-use sound system.
Simply connect your speaker cabinet, guitar and power source, and you are ready to go

1. Eliminates the need of large amounts of long and heavy cables run to connect effect loop or amplifier switchers. Our entire amplifier weighs less and takes much less space then a bundle of wires which is required to use a traditional amplifier set on speaker cabinet or rack mounted. As a result, when you eliminate all external wiring of the amp controller and FX Loop, your whole guitar sound system is extremely compact and much lighter.


2. There is no need for additional foot-switches to control the Stomp-Head’s functions.  They are all integrated into our compact amplifier. However if needed our amp is also equipped with the option of controlling all its features via an external controller.


3. Connections between the amplifier and the effects are easy to make and shorter than old style conventional set-ups.


4. Reduces problems related to loss of the signal quality due to long cables runs between the amplifier and effects.

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Pedalboard Guitar Amplifiers - Taurus Stomp Head

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