Taurus PS1 Taurus Power Stage - guitar power amplifier & power supply

Taurus PS1 Power Stage końcówka mocy do gitary elektrycznej i zasilacz




Two in one - Guitar Power Amplifier integrated with a power supply for guitar effects pedals.


The PS-1 Power Stage power amp is designed to be set-up on a pedalboard.
If you are user of a preamp or guitar sound profiler, the PS-1 will amplify signal of your preamp and effects  without interfering with the original guitar's sound. The amplifier is linear so it does not color the sound, which is important when you already have your own sound profile and only need amplification to obtain the expected power level.

The total power of PS-1 is  130 Watts, while the usable power is limited to 50 W.
Such a great reserve of power is needed so that the sound stays clean and dynamic when amp runs up at full power. There is also a built-in 50W and 25W power selector that allows to adjust the power of the amplifier to the speakers.
Any 4, 8 and 16 ohm cabinets can be connected to the amplifier.


The PS-1 is also equipped with a built-in  -9V/DC, four outputs power supply for powering guitar effects.
It allows save space on pedalboard by elimination additional power supply usually needed to feed effects.
When two PS-1 power amps are used, they create a stereo system,  then eight effect's power supply outputs is available.


The Power Stage paired with Taurus SH8 or similar amplifier can also be used to crate stereo system.
The PS-1 Power Stage is equipped with phase switch which is very useful in a stereo configuration.
It permits maintain phase matching when PS-1 works in connection with other amplifier.
Otherwise, when the phases of the signals are inconsistent, the sound deteriorates significantly.


We hope that the PS-1 Power Stage guitar amp with build-in effect's power supply will be a great solution for guitarists who are expanding their arsenal of effects and devices installed in pedalboard. 



Taurus PS-1 Power Stage - guitar power amplifier & power supply

  • Power stage efficiency: 130Watt
  • Power output selector: 50W, 25W
  • Speakers impedance auto detection: 4,8 and 16ohm
  • PHASE – a switch that changes the phase of the signal sent to the loudspeaker.
  • INPUT – 6,3mm jack signal input
  • SPEAKER – 6,3mm jack speaker output 4,8,16ohm
  • Outputs for powering effects pedals: 4x-9V/ DC, Max current  4x150mA
  • GROUND LIFT for DC 9V outputs
  • Main power suplply range: 90-240V
  • Dimensions (wys x sz x gł) 60 x 165 x 125 mm
  • Weight: 1kg
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