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Qube-350Acoustic Double Bass Amplifier

Stomp Head 5 Taurus SH5
double bass sound

Double Bass Amplifier.

Connections configuration:

Double Bass Sound


  • Power output: 350W RMS / 4ohms, 200W RMS / 8 ohms

  • XLR inputs: 100 kohms (balanced) suitable for microphone or instrument with balanced output.

  • JACK inputs: 1Mohm (unbalanced) - universal, suitable for instruments with active and passive pick-ups.

  • PHANTOM -  48V condenser microphones power supply

  • 2 channels: A and B with separate tone and dynamics adjustment.

    Channel A adjustment:

  • GAIN - preamplifier input section  gain control

  • DBS - bass and treble color enhancement (contour character)

  • BASS and TREBLE equalizer with the "MLO" system

  • MIDDLE - mid tones control

    Channel B adjustment:

  • GAIN - preamp input section gain control

  • BASS and TREBLE equalizer with "MLO" system

  • MIDDLE - PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER for precise mid-range adjustment


  • VOLUME control for A and B chanels

  • Channel switch:  (A),  (A + B),  (B)

  • MUTE - quick amplifier mute
  • PHASE - signal phase  inverter in the "B" channel

Additional functions and features:

  • Subsonic filter - cuts the signal band below 40Hz on the preamp's inputs

  • Effect loops:  SEND / RETURN serial loop

  • LINE-OUT - line output with cabinet simulation.

  • GROUND LIFT - circuit switch on the linear output

  • Power amplifier overload LED indicator

  • Power amplifier clipping LED indicator

  • Power selector 230V / 50Hz - 115V / 60Hz

  • PROTECTION: thermal, short-circuit and overload protection

  • Overall dimensions: 83 x 225 x 180 mm

  • Weight: 2.0 kg



Taurus Double Bass Amplifier, Contrabass Amp,, Contrabajo Amp, Kontrabass Verstärker. double bass sounds.. How to amplify double bass?

Taurus QUBE-350 Acoustic has been designed mainly for double bass and acoustic bass players. However, it can be successfully used to amplify all kinds of traditional bass guitars equipped with passive and active electronics.


The amplifier is equipped with two channels which can serve double bass in several ways. A microphone or piezo pickup can be use to amplify the instrument. Each source can be connected to independent channel and at the same time both of them can be mixed.


Two different instruments can be also connected to the amp's channels at the same time. The instruments can be used simultaneously as well as separately.


Each of the channels is designed with a separate tone correction and GAIN control, which gives great flexibility in setting of expected tone of the instrument. The tone correction is very transparent/neutral, without any "underlines" so that exact sound of the instrument can be reproduced.


The amplifier is built in analog technology using a class D power amplifier. Such a combination make it possible to obtain small dimensions and weight.


We would like to thank so much to all outstanding musicians who participated in the creation process of the amplifier.




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