MTD Master Tube Design Techology

MTD Technology

MTD Master Tube Design

What are the benefits of MTD technology?

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  • Great sound in no way inferior to the full tube amps (even better, according to opinion musicians who prefer some particular music styles).

  • In the opinion of musicians our amps much better cooperate with baritone and low tuned guitars than conventional tube designs.

  • Very long lifespan and stability of tube parameters

  • High accuracy sound parameters

  • Amplifier compact dimensions and low weight 

  • Much lower price than the iconic tube amplifiers

We do not claim that we have achieved 100% what tube amplifier gives.
We also know that tube amps do not provide 100% satisfaction because they are based on tubes.
There are many different factors which affect the sound. It does not depend only on tubes themselves.  Knowing that we developed a technology based on this – to take into account what is the essence and soul of outstanding guitar amp.


If you have an opportunity, check if we were able to achieve it. Extremely positive feedback from guitarists, who have already tested our amplifiers, is a statement that the MTD works great. They encouraged us to implant the technology into other our products.

At this point we offer you Stomp-Heads in extreme compact shape. 


In summary: choosing our amps provides you even more of what a full-vacuum tube amplifier offers.

Often we are asked: "Where is the tube?
In the preamp?  In the power amp?”

Our tubes are located between the preamp and power amp and is influencing equally both of them.
It takes over role of the control of the entire power amp in sense of dynamics and the nature of saturation and distortion of sound.

Figuratively speaking, embedded in this spot the tube and its associated components are responsible for sound "plasticity” of amp, being its main and most important part.

The tube in combination with other parts of amp such as an analog preamp, power amp and power supply creates an integrated concept of MTD.

Does it have to be this way?

MTD Technology

In order to get answers and solve this problem, for many years we had been working on technology which gives a guitarists equipment of the same characteristics, but with a much smaller size and weight. As a result we developed our own groundbreaking analog technology called Master Tube Design. To date, few people believe in hybrids – the majority of opinions are that it does not reflect the guitarists’ requirements.
Knowing this we created MTD (Master Tube Design) which is a hybrid, a mix of solid states and tube amp technologies.


There are many opinions on the quality of the tubes. Musicians in search of particular sound are experimenting with tubes from different manufacturers. The results are various and often unpredictable. 

The MTD technology solves this problem in different way. In each of our amplifier, tubes parameters are adapted to the specific pattern of sound. No matter what brand is used, each of them is individually tuned to obtain the desired sound properties.


Those tubes which do not meet our standard assumptions are not applied. Once the tube is set to the optimum parameters it is not recommended to replace it – unless someone is willing to experiment with sound.

The parameters set for the tubes in a MTD technology allow for a very long tubes lifespan and stability of their work. There is no need to replace them, unless they are physically damaged.

Of course the MTD technology is not the only about abilities of the tube itself. There is a number of very important, other factors which are supporting a tube, just to get the expected results such as:


  • reproducing the natural tone of the instrument

  • proper "reading" of guitar pickups 

  • appropriate saturation of sound with desirable overtones

  • proper tightness of distorted sounds

  • desired punch and clarity of guitar sounds

  • desired compression and sustain 

  • sufficient power level in order to achieve right dynamics

  • good co-operation with effects

Why do we prefer tubes?

MTD Technology

We love them for the fantastic sound, excellent compression, sustain, the sound flexibility and the easiness of playing. We also know that the tube amps are undoubtedly associated with considerable size and weight.

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