How to run SH7 CAB SIM 

More info about AMT CAB SIM

1. Download and install the IR converter on your computer.
    The program allows you to convert files of various formats to the IR Sh7 format.
2. Download and install the file for editing and saving files.
    The program allows you to save and transfer files to the amplifier as well as edit 
     the sound or create your own speaker profiles to define the sound on line output.
     CAB SIM has 16 factory profiles that can be edited or loaded your own.
To load your own files, first convert them in the file converter installed on your computer as follows:

1. Start the IR converter program
2. Click "select source IR files" and select the files to convert.
3. Click "select destination folder" and select a folder to save files in the new format
4. Make the conversion by clicking on "Start conversion".


To load the prepared pulses, connect the SH7 to the computer with the MINI-USB / USB cable without turning on the amplifier's power.
Then the SH7 loader will be visible on computer screen as an external drive to which the previously prepared IR files should be transferred.
The memory bank architecture is set as follows: there are four banks (0,1,2,3).
Each of them may contain four files marked on the selector (0,1,2,3).


After loading the files, turn on the amplifier. Then start to use the loaded files by choose them with the selector located on the back panel.
Each of the files can also be edited and saved using the IR pulse editing program:  AMT Pangea CP PA. The timbre of the sound can be easily adjusted live with the MIC POSITION knob.

   IR Editor allows to save and transfer files to the amplifier as well as edit the sound or create its own speaker profiles that define the sound on the line output.

IR Converter allows to convert files of various formats to IR SH7 format

IR Editor  (Mac / OS App)

IR converter  (Mac / OS App)

IR converter  (WIN / OS App)

IR Editor  (WIN / OS App)

Download application AMT Electronics
for SH7.Apogee

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